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Our current publications for young readers include fourteen different kid's magazines spanning ages from toddlers to teens and focusing on Literature & Imagination, History & Culture, and Science & Ideas. Collectively, our magazines have won every award in North America, including the Association of Educational Publishers Golden Lamp Award and the Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award.

The mission of CRICKET is to inspire children to a lifelong love of reading and learning. In addition to our fourteen children's magazines, CRICKET offers a unique assortment of enlightening and entertaining products with an emphasis on educational benefits. The variety of books, crafts, toys, and gifts not widely available, all bring a sense of fun to the learning process.


See what Cricket has to offer

Digital magazine apps now available for free download are Babybug® and Cricket® magazines, both four-time Parents Choice award winners. Each app includes a free publication to sample and access to additional purchased content, taking children's educational media beyond traditional print publications with interactive features, including:

  • Read along audio support
  • Animated characters, games and interactive activities
  • Chatterbox, where kids interact and share thoughts with each other
  • Ask the Author
  • Video, music and educational games
  • Integration with the ePals Global Community, a safe online learning environment where students collaborate for project-based learning
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